Advertising Strategy

Advertising Strategy

Fall 2019

During the first full semester of my sophomore year, I took the course Advertising Strategy. Through multiple case studies, in-depth class discussions, and a semester-long group project, I got a sense of what it’s like to be an advertising account planner. For our group project, I collaborated with several other classmates to create a plans book for The Farmer’s Dog brand. Click below to look it over.

Some important skills I gained during the course include…
  • Identifying and analyzing a core business problem
  • Creating and evaluating alternative solutions 
  • Conducting situation analyses and SWOT analyses
  • Brainstorming practical marketing strategies
  • Crafting communication strategies
  • Tailoring and modifying strategy to keep up with trends, unforeseen changes, and current events

Overall, the course Advertising Strategy opened my eyes to many business and advertising practices, and I feel equipped to use the skills I learned in my future career.

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