Travel Reporting

Travel Reporting

While studying abroad in Australia during May 2019, I took a travel reporting course. It was one of my favorite classes I have taken through UF, and I enjoyed documenting my experiences in a fun-to-read yet professional way. I improved on several skills while abroad, including…


  • Enjoying an experience and documenting it at the same time
  • Deciding how to frame a travel story and gathering insightful background information
  • Interviewing strangers on-the-spot
  • Intentionally taking in each experience with all five senses


Below you’ll find five articles I wrote complete with photos…



Top-Notch Ambiance

Boho chic and rustic things to see at the Grounds of Alexandria


Beach the Box Way

All about the historic huts on a beach in Melbourne


Best Brunches in New South Wales

Standout breakfast and lunch cafes in Sydney and Melbourne


The Art of Natural Healing

All about a mud bath experience in Fiji!


Skydiving – A High-Stakes History

What it’s like to jump out of a plane, and all about the first people who did

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