Advertising Research

Advertising Research

Spring 2020

The course Digital Insights thoroughly expanded my experience with marketing and advertising research, and it challenged me to apply my knowledge through real-world case studies. The class was full of lectures, quizzes, and exams, but the skills I learned all culminated in a intensive, ongoing group project.

Project Website

Project Overview…

My team, which we named Keensight Research, spent the semester researching key information revolving around Amazon Prime Music and the music streaming industry. We begun with secondary research by gathering information on Amazon Prime Music’s market standing, their current marketing strategy, and their competitors through a comprehensive situation analysis. We also identified and researched a primary and a secondary target market. Putting key findings together in a SWOT analysis led to the formulation of a research problem statement and prompted sequential primary research.

Our primary research began with qualitative data collection. Through two focus groups, we collected in-depth, personalized information about usage habits, brand experiences, and what features our target market valued most. Then, we analyzed the data, identified themes, and saw an opportunity to further expand our findings with quantitative data collection.

Using data from our focus groups, we were able to build a comprehensive online questionnaire with relevant questions and answer choices. Seeking objective, numerical data with a standardized questionnaire helped us uncover patterns and relationships, and it allowed us to determine relative magnitudes of attitudes and opinions. Most importantly, statistical analysis of aggregated responses helped us better understand our target market.

Finally, combining our knowledge of the music streaming industry with both qualitative and quantitative data allowed us to make informed recommendations about Amazon Prime Music’s communications strategy and brand positioning.

Although my team collaborated on each section of the project, I was solely responsible for formatting our final report and creating our project website. Check them out below…

Project Website

Final Report (PDF)





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